I have built several tools for analyzing temperature distributions in data and models. Using this approach, we have diagnosed the change in probability of occurance of extreme monthly temperatures around the world (Coumou and Robinson, 2013; Robinson et al., 2021).

Reference (1951-1980) and current (2011-2020) monthly temperature distributions. A clear shift has occurred over the last decades. The dashed line shows the factor increase in probability to have a monthly temperature at or above the level indicated (e.g., there has been a 1000x increase in the probability of having a 4-sigma event or higher).

See Extremes news for more details.

Yelmo ice-sheet model

Yelmo is a state-of-the-art, open-source 3D ice sheet model developed in the PalMA-ice research group at the UCM.

Typical continental-scale ice-sheet domain with possible interactions with external systems.

Steady-state simulations of the Antarctic ice sheet at present-day (left) and the Last Glacial Maximum (right) using Yelmo.

Description paper:
Documentation: Yelmo-docs
Source code: Yelmo


Overview of CLIMBER-X model components and variables.

CLIMBER-X is a new fast Earth system model (FESM) under development at the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research. I have been working with Matteo Willeit and Andrey Ganopolski to build the model from the ground up, and to couple Yelmo with it.

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